What Creatives Wore At SAMW 18

Fashion is the biggest thing amongst young creatives in South Africa, Cape Town. Everyone goes all out to look good during events. South African Menswear Week is the biggest fashion show in Cape Town and this year the theme was gender fluid.There was pop of colour, loads of designer clothes and a bit of vintage.

We are here to show you what creatives in Cape Town wore and you all can choose the best person who looked stylish and let us know in the comments below. But here is our favourite looks so far and check what we said about the looks!

Nicola Kruger – stylist, blogger and creative director of creaturenicola

”We love the leather green jacket and that bag was paired up with the perfect outfit.We give her 9/10′ 

Nicola Kruger

 Chad Biegnaar – stylist, blogger and CEO of The Local Blogger

‘White, grey and black are always the safest colours to play with and Chad brought edgy, vintage and sporty vibes with that look. We give him 8/10”

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 4.45.46 PM
Chad Biegnaar

Vuyo Joboda – Entrepreneur, radio presenter and Motivational Speaker

” Zenath Designs always tell a story , what Vuyo is wearing now tells us that she is the leader. Prints are always safe to wear with a plain colour and that skirt deserves exactly that. Thats a 7/10”

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 5.11.05 PM
Vuyo Joboda

These are some of our favourite looks during SAMW  from young creatives right here in the mother city.

If you think we left some of the coolest looks please hit us up on our facebook page till then see you on the next event!

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