Popeye And Spinner: TV hosts during the day, Vibe architects by night

Introducing a new wave of musical articulation in association with Park inn by Raddison and The Herald Bar. Popeye & Spinner presents Sip Sip Sunday on the 20th of December 2020 featuring Blackwiz, Cody_blanc, Imani, Richi Rich, and Kila G.

Popeye & Spinner also affectionately know as Speech the dreamer and George the groove, are a new Dj duo from the southernmost tip of Africa, Cape Town. TV hosts during the day and, vibe architects by night. Creating a vibey ambiance through the integration of music, food, and fashion. Bringing people together and exploring new cultures.

What to look forward to? An exclusive affair with a beautiful rooftop view of the mother city accompanied by the best selection of deep house, afro-pop, and hip hop music.

Tickets available R100 on Quicket
Link Sip Sip Sunday: https://qkt.io/al6M4q.
Contact person: Tricia Tolla
Contact details: 076 655 5596
Email: tolla.tee@gmail.com

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