Meet Sakhiwo The Hip Hop Activist On A Mission

This month  as we are celebrating youth day on the 16th of June.We got to hang out with a young man who is doing an absolutely wonderful job of helping out other youths to be the best through using hip hop as a catalyst to educate the youth about the dangers of committing crime. Sakhiwo is a youth on a mission, after realising his mistakes when he was apprehended for stealing and staying in custody for months. He got his life back on track by turning to Hip Hop. Since then he has organised almost ten hip hop events and now he’s planning to expand his projects by involving other youths from other townships around Cape Town. Check our conversation with him below.

THD: Can you tell us more about your work as a hip hop activist?

Sakhiwo: My name is Sakhiwo Ndawose (CHIZA), I am a Poet/MC and a hip hop activist. My love for the arts started when i realised that I have a lot to offer. I started organising jam sessions for upcoming MC’s. I remember my first Park Jam Session called Indaba Zaba Bali. I managed to run it until it was one of the best sessions around Phillipi. Since then I have done a lot of them.From all four cyphers we host every month, we select six MC’s which we take to Good Hope FM’s Ready-D Cypher Show once a month on the first Thursday of the month. This is to raise funds to get two containers which we are going to convent into an office space and a studio, where we can assist other artists who are still struggling to get a studio time and we also want to teach the young ones to get used to the studios at an early age so we may have the best rappers for the future.

THD: We love the event you are putting up, can you provide us with more info about it?

Sakhiwo: Blazing Pens Cypher Hikes will be hosting a June 16th cypher in Lion’s Head Table Mountain, where we will be joined by different MC’S from different places or should I say townships. We are all at once going to celebrate the lives or the fallen youth comrades who died fighting for this new South Africa. We urge everyone who can be dressed in a uniform to do so but not forgetting to wear comfortable shoes, everyone should have his/her own plastic bag to throw dirt so we can conserve the mountain. Everyone is welcome to bring a friend or two.


THD: You said you are providing hiking as a catalyst to promote reading, is there any reading program you are doing to promote the culture of reading?

Sakhiwo: Yes we introduced reading to improve the level of literature and public speaking as well. The reason we decided to include this reading culture is that I found a lot of MC’s are not exposed to reading, and yet in order to gain and expand your knowledge. Reading is an important tool and knowledge of words is one of hip hop’s elements.


THD: We are celebrating Youth day on the 16TH June, what’s your message to the youth out there?

Sakhiwo: I would like to tell everyone to be true to themselves, no one is pefect so don’t be ashamed of other people. Stand up,do something to change the world and it starts within you. Grind harder because nothing is impossible, the word says it itself that I’m possible. Now it is time we stop complaining about the government, it is now time to start governing ourselves. Let’s show appreciation towards the freedom we have today, because there are souls that were lost during the fighting of apartheid era.

THD: As the youth yourself, what can be done to deal with the issues of gangsterism among the youth?

Sakhiwo: In our communities there is a lack of facilities and programs to keep the youth busy because I found the reason the youth turns to crime is the lack of activities and support. For an example in Phillipi we hardly can access the government facilities (Community Halls and Parks) so when the youth is on school holidays they easily get involve into dirty works because they are bored with nothing to do. More youth programmes should be introduced.

If you want to be part of the CYPHER,attend the event or help with anything get in touch with the organisers on the info provided below:

Cell: 0608961202 Chiza

FaceBook Page: Blazing Pens Cypher Hike


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  1. True.., as local artists we appreciate the work the King is doing & been doing .
    No doubt we believe in him. #Chiza-The name says it all.

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