Let’s get some Bumba Vibes

There is a new wave of coolest vibes moving  around in Cape Town and that wave has a name. Its called Bumba Vibes. Have you ever been to a house party full of like minded people?I bet you haven’t so picture this scenario, a house full of great people,creatives and of course something to sip on. That’s what Bumba Vibes is all about. Hold up let’s get more details from the founder before we spoil the whole concept for you. Check out our conversation below.

THD: Bumba Vibes is what’s on everyone young creative minded person’s lips of late. What is Bumba Vibes?

GMode: Bumba Vibes is a platform for Young entrepreneurs to network.
It’s the new wave in Cape Town. The Vision is to expand and venture into fashion, sports, music and film. Which will eventually happen  with great support and energy. At Bumba Vibes one is able to be himself/ herself without being judged by what you wear, how you look etc. There is vibes in the rainbow.

THD:How did the vision come about,did you think it would become such a success story that it has become thus far?

GMode: The older I grow I begin to understand how words have power and how being persistent at what one does is very essential. The word ‘Bumba’ is a slang in Portuguese ‘Bumbar’ which means work. Sometime last year when I was all about the set life I would post videos on my whattsapp status quoting Bumba!! Before I knew it, 200-300 people on my whatsapp status would quote bumba whenever I posted. I even had a Bumba challenge where people would send me videos of themselves quoting Bumba.
About 2 months ago I was at home chilling with my people, vibing. I got on my phone as usual, selfie camera on, pressed record and posted a video of the vibe.  Fifteen minutes later, my WhatsApp was going insane. What stood out for me was, in Cape town people are looking for a vibe, a different vibe,  a Bumba Vibe. Eight Nine people pulled up and Bumba Vibes was born.


Bumba Vibes is not successful yet.Once we can build schools, invest back in our communities by creating jobs or providing people with a skill to sustain themselves, then we are successful. We are growing and we can only be grateful. Everything that was written can’t be erased. BUMBA!!

THD:As a Cape Town well known Entertainer,what is your advice to those that are struggling to find their niche and foot in the industry, without fleeing off to other cities in the nation?

GMode:Everything begins at home. Do struggle , it’s the greatest experience ever. There is dirt in the struggle but the masterpiece that comes from it is unbelievable. Create your own wave, sooner or later they will catch up.


THD:What’s your take on the growth of the entertainment industry in Capetown as a whole?

GMode:Last year I was blessed enough to travel to different cities and countries in Africa. It was a mind blowing experience. The industry in Cape Town is catching up slowly. We need to replace the current gate keepers so we can bring the sun into our beautiful and driven city. Bumba Vibes is the new wave. Surf with us. BUMBA!!

There you have it folks…we are going to be  Bumba-ying!Are you? Check the flyer below for more info about the coming Bumba Vibes!IMG-20180620-WA0012

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