Katzbru Drops The ‘Triage Tape’

KatzBru, in conjunction with CTT Beats, is proud to release their very first ‘Triage Tape’. If you have not heard this term before, you are not the only one – the team has coined this term to describe the release of 3 snappy songs. Triage Tape commonly used in a major incident resonates with us predicting the Triage Tape being a major incident in the SA music scene.

In these songs KatzBru talks about hustle and resilience, something this Sowetan native has first-hand experience of. Not his first rodeo as he has previously released an EP titled “Invulnerable”. KatzBru brings his own unique interpretation of the UK Drill genre whilst channelling Pop Smoke and Travis Scott. These tracks are sure to heat up your summer with its fast-flowing lyrics. This is his first interpretation of the genre which originates in London, New York and Chicago. 

Having recently joined forces with the man behind CTT Beats, Mark Insley, after being introduced by a mutual contact, this rapper’s 2020 drastically got busier. The ‘Triage Tape’ is not the only project born out of this partnership, so keep an eye out for more projects coming your way. Produced and mastered in the Mother City by CTT Beats in conjunction with the team’s key producer Takura Moyo a.k.a ‘Beatsmith’, this is sure to be a local favorite with its infectious flow. Mark, also a director of ‘Cape Town Thing’ built this platform to help provide South African artists with a platform and resources to push their sound, fusing UK influenced sound with their unique African styles.

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