Getting To Know Psynapses, His Music And Future Plans In the Music Industry

We love cool conversations, meeting new people and above all making good business relationships. This time we had a chance to hangout with an amazing soul who is taking over in the music industry. We don’t want to give out more information as yet. Let’s get to know who this person is. Cape Town stand up. Hold up, make sure you have your earphones and YouTube ready because you might need to check him out.

Psynapses, formally known as Kyle Weber is a songwriter, recording & performing artist from Steenberg, Western Cape, South Africa.. His musical influences range from Modern Jazz, 90’s RnB & hip hop to contemporary Pop music. The main catalysts who inspired him to start a career in music were Eminem and Bone Thugs n Harmony, of which you can hear their lyrical influence within his music. The 24 year old artist is a natural entertainer with an electrifying stage presence, ready to entertain crowds at every opportunity. Even as a young kid, he recalls auditioning for school talent shows whether dancing, rapping, or even acting. The stage has always been a natural dwelling, which brought him joy while engaging with an audience during a performance. His roots as a dancer made him understand how to deliver a powerful performance which transcended into the delivery of his music.

Psynapses released his first full body of work titled “Motives” in 2017, an EP (Extended Play) consisting of 6 tracks. The song, “Strings” gained so much traction that a Media house, namely KaapseMedia, directed and shot a music video. His dynamism is a trait that few people carry, and his creativity is a skill that lends itself to his music aptly. His second solo album, released in 2019, titled “Gloriously Good” led him to discovering and perfecting his sound. The first part of the album paints a picture of his life story while the last few songs describes his encounter with love. The most recent project released by Psynapses is a 13 track album, produced by Charly Seven. The album “DESTINY” highlights his growth within the music industry and his ability to work with a variety of artists from different genres. The album is available on all major digital streaming and purchasing platforms.

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