Fashion Statements: Our Top 3 Style Pieces From Wale Mandla


Fashion has been evolving as much as humans have been. One thing we know is that in the fashion world, you will never go wrong with patterns and bright colors. Bright colors brings out the best style especially on a summer or dull day. Anyways we have one particular fashion designer we absolutely love and adore. His name is Wale Mandla.

Wale Mandla is a youthful and vibrant brand, it is carving out a niche for itself as an exclusive contemporary urban streetwear brand. Mandla grew up an orphan around the farms of Limpopo, moving from family member to family member. This would eventually lead to difficulties in school, as he didn’t have a strong family structure, but one thing that he did have, and that was a constant in his life was his mindset to elevate himself and not be stagnant in life. After High school Mandla went on to do computer studies, obtaining a diploma in information systems. Following that, he went on to work in the IT field for 9 years. However, in 2016 he decided to follow his passion and open his own fashion boutique, to express his love of African patterns. Mandla had no previous fashion experience but has still managed to build and make Wale Mandla the success that it is now, all with his keen eye for patterns, colors, styles and shapes.

Speaking about style, we have our top three favorite outfits from Wale Mandla. From tracksuits to dresses and jackets. Let’s have a look.

  1. The Tracksuit: we all know Cape Town weather is very nice but it can get cloudy and windy especially in winter and summer. For you to still remain stylish and warm at the same time, this versatile tracksuit is definitely a must have piece in your wardrobe. The tracksuit can be paired with a leather or denim jacket on top, dark colored sneakers or even the bright colored ones to make your outfit pop up more. You can choose your color to match your personality. It’s fashion runway every season why not indulge even in style.

2. Oversized T-shirt Dress: This dress it’s definitely a must have. Made famous by Jenifer Lopez back in the day. Wale Mandla brought it back with some pop of color and patterns. This summer it’s all about bright colors and feeling comfortable. If you are looking for something very simple, unique and comfortable. This dress can be paired with heels, wedges or sneakers.

3. The Bomber Jacket: Wale Mandla’s bomber jackets are one of our favorite pieces from his collection. Make a bold statement with this patterned and bright bomber jacket. The bomber jacket offers streetwear sensibility, it’s understated easy-to-wear and an easy everyday style.

To shop these looks please visit and we hope to see you in the streets wearing some Wale Mandla.

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