Attention Upcoming Artists: Be Part Of A Cool Line Up By Sending Your Music Links

Lockdown has been a mess but nevertheless we are back to hosting different creative experiences and events. This time we have teamed up with North North Social Club to bring a cool event that is all about upcoming music artists. The reason for that is that we all know how hard it is to get a gig in Cape Town especially if you are an upcoming artist. We are currently looking for Hip Hop or Neo Soul artists to join our line up for our upcoming event. We want all the artists to feel appreciated and our mission is to provide a platform for artists to create, thrive and live better quality lives through their work.

You might be wondering what North North Social Club and The Hangout Duo are all about. Let us fill you in a bit about what these creative startup companies are all about.

North North Social Club is a creative collective founded by three friends (Andrea Davids,Wynton Marsalis McAllister and Chuma -Sande Bentele) in 2018 and they are based in Cape Town. The collective is committed to investing positively in the creative industry by celebrating local culture and championing innovation through networking. Operating as a non-profit organization, in the sense that they fully fund the events and exhibitions that they host. They aspire to provide platforms where creatives feel free to connect and share skills and experiences. Thus, inviting and encouraging a culture of collaborations and the idea of working together to achieve greater heights

The Hangout Duo is an youth oriented platform which was founded in 2016 by Donovan Faranando and Mitchell Mbele. The startup creative company is aimed at showcasing and creating a collaboration culture for rising young African creative entrepreneurs, connecting them through events, fashion, entertainment, brands and places.

The event is going to be sponsored by Iconic Black a leading fashion brand in Cape Town. If you are an upcoming artist or you know someone who is an artist, do make sure you follow the instructions. Details of the event will be announced and tickets of the event will be on sale soon as well!

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